The Sticker Lounge

about the creator

Hey You!

Is sticker maker on of the words you use to describe yourself or your hobbies?
Then you are in the right palce.

The sticker lounge is a subscription service that makes it insanely easy to print and cut your own stickers.

The idea to the website was born, due to so many sticker makers telling me, that they needed help improving their sticker
making flow. What better way than to have a library of stickers where you can customize the colors to your likings and then just hit save

The Sticker Lounge is for you if:

You like to print and cut your own stickers.
You need to supplement your weekly sticker kits with extras, or you want to extend the life of your kits
you can't afford to buy a full sticker kit every week.
you want your sticker making to be easy and fun, every time

If you love stickers and want a place where it is easy to assemble your weekly stickers, then The Sticker lounge is for you!

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Oh Yeah! The person smiling at you on this page? That's me!

I am Louise.
A fellow sticker maker, who loves the creativity the sticker community has created for planners and the organization of my life. Planning your life is just a tad better, when you get to do it on a beautiful layout. For me the colors and patterns help me being motivated to actually plan my weeks and keep up with my daily chores.

A little over a year ago I created a blog, focused on helping fellow sticker makers on how they can make different types of stickers and also helping with the business side of it all.

I love being able to help fellow creatives who enjoy the planning community, just like myself. With this site I hope I can help you with your flow on creating your own stickers. I made the site to make it SUPER easy and simple to print and cut the stickers that you need - Really, it is just FUN!

I hope that you will join the community of sticker lovers, who make their own stickers!



Want to get in contact with me? shoot me an email here.